Della Bass started taking pictures while living in Japan in the mid 90's. She was inspired to pursue photography by classic French and Italian cinema dating back from the 60's and prefers to base her shoots around a story, whether it be loosely based on a movie, novel, or some other kind of inspiration. 

In 1996 Della relocated to Milan where she remained for 5 years, collaborating with publications such as Donna, Anna, Sportswear International and many more. In 2001 she found her permanent home in New York City where she has been ever since. She still however, enjoys her consistent travels between the US, Europe and Australia and has had the opportunity to work internationally in France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Clients include : Nylon, Lucky Magazine, Marie Claire, Fitness Magazine, C Magazine, Karen Magazine, Anthem, The Fashionisto, Fashion Gone Rogue, Real Simple, Seventeen, Diablo, Verily, 7x7, Delias, Kohls, Belk, Penguin, Free People, Apart Style, Kellogs Australia, American Association of Plastic Surgeons, Reingold, Jules Reid, Off Broadway Shoes, Made by Mode and many more.